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About Us

Our background as internationally certified Debt Arbitrators has provided knowledge that even credit counselors do not generally know. We know how you feel - drowning in a sea of hidden rules, policies, and traps that are all truly designed to confuse and disadvantage the unsuspecting consumer. We are one of the very few independent advocacies of this kind in Canada, working for you - not your creditors.

Cash vs Credit Cash vs Credit

From 2005, we have built a solid foundation to financial consumer advocacy with the prime concern to bring hidden knowledge and aid to good people who suffer financial or credit challenges due to unexpected life circumstances. We are dedicated to provide you with educated choices, plans and programs to overcome financial life challenges all planned to lead back to financial freedom. We offer 100% confidential and unbiased credit education, debt management and credit-worthiness recovery programs. With our help you will better understand your credit situation and the secrets of credit system to define all options that are available to you.

Most importantly, our programs help everyday people take charge of their resources and master their credit to recover their financial life to the highest credit rating.

"Instead of buying your children all the things you never had, you need to teach them all the things you were never taught!" says Gilbert Landriault.