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6 • Unmanaged Money will
Destroy Your Credit Rating!

Living on a salary requires responsible money management. Not managing your money will destroy your credit rating! We need to properly set priorities to be certain bills and utilities, living expenses, credit card bills, and even student loans are being handled in a timely fashion. Most people perceive these important items are merely subtractions from fun money or the ability to live their desires. This idea also stands in the way of setting aside savings to be left for a rainy day. Not indulging in all desires may be needed in the beginning; yes, a bullet has to bitten to get your financial house in order BUT it will be worth it when you discover managing money well now, will so "easily" provide the affluent life you want later.

avoid impulse spending

Impulse purchasing often steals the fun money out of your pocket and your real life expenses may begin to pile up. And so it starts! As people struggle to maintain real needs they begin to pay from credit accounts which digs them into a deep debt hole. The only safe answer was to really know where your money goes and reign in impulse spending to enable the real income you have do the future building work it needs to do. You can only afford your life by managing money according to income.

Golden Rule: The money that comes into your life is simply the energy of transaction that empowers you to make choices. Impulse spending because marketers made you want what you don't really need is taking away the choices to use your money in the wisest ways to build your future. Choose to use your money for the things that make a difference in your life.

But changing your mind is all up to you, and it starts with learning how to handle your income and cash flow. If you're new to money management, perhaps this can be an opportunity to challenge yourself to be disciplined with your finances. Here are some basic tips for keeping your spending under control:

When you can manage your money, You will have Great Credit!