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15 • Is there something better
than regular credit cards?

having advantage

Yes! Life without a credit card is not easy or feasible so we found the ultimate prepaid Visa credit card to give the advantage back to you! The Consumer Advantage Benefits Card looks, acts, and feels like a premium credit card so not even the vendors will know you are using a prepaid card. You transfer cash from your bank and pay no interest and no transaction fees when you swipe the card! On top of that huge savings, the Advantage card automatically offers you an approved Credit Building Loan that reports to a credit bureau an build your credit at a faster pace than any credit card could. Most importantly, for both the Advantage Card and the CBR Loan you put up your own money so you get to use the credit purchasing and building system using your own money interest free!

Debt cards

The Advantage Card is Credit Card Purchasing, without Interest or Debt!
Of course Visa needs to be paid for the transactions on their system so we have a low monthly fee $17.99/m on the card for this Visa cost. We also provided five value-added desirable benefit services that automatically come with the card. Benefits include Roadside Assistance and Towing, Low Cost Pharmacy Service, Legal Club, Identity Theft, and Credit Watch. Optional Benefits include the Credit Builder Savings Loan and Green Shield Group Dental and Prescription Insurance. Now this is a credit card designed to help you and give you the most return for your money!

When you Understand Credit, You will have Great Credit!