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Build a Great Credit Rating?

how to build excellent credit

The credit system doesn't make it easy to rebuild your credit because you actually have to have a credit account in order to manage repayments that will build a good credit history. If you have never had a credit record credit cards are often easily issued to give you enough rope to show a responsible repayment habit …or hang yourself with careless disregard for steady on-time repayments. Credit cards are an entry level membership in the societal club, and a credit control mechanism. These relatively high interest credit accounts provide a standard way to monthly monitor financial habits. An early warning system measuring changes to attitude and actions in bill repayment history, even though they do not really build credit score well like a registered loan will.

If you have a credit report that has suffered tarnish due a period of financial instability your credit history will disallow even the entry level credit card to be issued, never mind a loan. You are pretty much locked out of the credit system until someone believes enough time has passed to give you a second chance with a credit card.

Taking Advantage

Credit Booster Club offers an immediate replacement for lost credit card identity. The Advantage Benefits Card is a prepaid card that looks and acts like any other full credit card. Designed to look like a premium credit card, no one will know it is a prepaid card that uses your own money.

The Advantage Card primary function is keeping a record of your cash purchases to help you identify where you are bleeding your resources and undermining your use of credit accounts. Our Credit Boot Camp Money Management Program is an introduction to principles that will further teach how you will get back into control of your financial life. Credit Booster Club membership is a 12 step 12 month program to closely monitor and guide you every month with personal strategies for making the best financial moves and payments of your current obligations to stop the bleeding and build your credit.

Advantage Benefits Card

The Advantage Card also offers a credit building loan option to anyone regardless of their credit history. The Advantage Credit Builder Loan is the most affordable and first way you can be approved to begin the process of establishing credit and/or building a good credit rating. When this savings loan is activated this card will out pace any credit card for building credit and it will do it right away, or as soon as you are discharged from bankruptcy.

The CBR credit building loan option is a saving loan that returns $1000.00 savings to you after 36 months of credit building. You pay semi annual loan prepayments of $253.08 every six months. There is a monthly $5.99 transaction fee for your monthly payments handled from this fund. The CBR transactions are reported to the credit bureau to steadily add valuable points to your credit score when you are new to credit and cannot obtain credit or have had prior credit difficulty. For more detailed information on this option, please visit the website at; www.myadvantagecanada.com/cdn-benefitpgms.php

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