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10 • Who needs to work
at Building their Credit?

everyone needs credit

Everyone! There is no one who does not need a better credit rating. This need is not because they need or want to be living on borrowed money. Much to the opposite, we now "need credit" simply for identification and a societal acceptance. Much to many people's surprise, credit is considered as a benchmark of personal worth for almost everything you do. Your credit is considered when applying for a new job, renting a home or apartment, getting a mortgage or coming to a mortgage renewal, buying a vehicle, getting auto insurance, etc.

So, your credit report is almost like having a long term membership in a very discerning societal club. If you are not known as a member you are going to be limited in what you are allowed to do or have. If you are a member but not in the best club standing your life can become considerably more costly, just to do all the same regular things that your friends are doing.

reporting your life

If you are living in this society, it is almost impossible to not have a credit report on file that is tracking your history of how you do the simplest things. Whether you want it or not, whether you know or like what is on your credit report or not, that document is being constantly updated. If you do not learn how this is done and manage your finances in the way the club prefers, you can just cross your fingers and hope your report isn't turning out badly.

In self-defense… Everyone… should learn the best methods of managing their money and expenses to make the best credit record that will not cripple your financial life!

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