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16 • How can credit accounts
help re-establish my credit?

credit beyond cards

The finance company for any consumer loan or credit card regularly reports your payment activity to a credit bureau (Equifax or TransUnion) on a monthly basis. Each time your credit report is updated with on-time payment information your credit history begins take new shape. One aspect of the Credit Booster Club program utilizes your existing debt in a way to maximize the effects of lender reporting. We have developed the most successful way to handle and monitor repayments and we can make adjustments to your individual plan as needed to best build your credit standing. All credit accounts are handled on individual merit as loans are regarded as higher credit reporting value and bring far more credit points than credit card accounts.

There are no guarantees in life; however, there is a fool proof guarantee to your success in Credit Booster Club. You are the guaranty! Our programs have a proven success record. If you follow the customized hands-on educational program given and do not deviate from the easy step-by-step information we provide you will achieve the same high results that others have; You Can Guarantee It!

You get credit education and guidance with Programs to Fix Your Credit!