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Credit Booster Club was conceived to help all people overcome the disadvantages of an undermined credit report. With this program all consumers are aided, both in education for future money and credit management as well as credit building programs. This not only helps people to re-establish credit worthiness but also to work systematically within the financial rules to develop and maintain a great credit rating in their future financial life.

Operating since 2005, we are the only Full Service Consumer Advocacy in Canada that offers a range of more than 26 programs all focused on consumer recovery from devastating credit difficulties. Our focus is in debt consolidation, settlement with creditors as alternatives to dire credit crisis. This chart indicates our programs range from your Recovery from Unmanageable Debt, through Recovery of your Credit Standing to Recovery of the essentials of Life that are needed to find success and financial freedom.

CBC services chart

We often help those who have come into difficult financial times because while Trustees in Bankruptcy do handle such cases they are very limited in the scope of aftercare services they provide. We specialize in educating consumers about the financial credit system and money management with the objective of mastering future personal and business finances that have currently become unmanageable and teaching them how to return to, and remain solvent.

Unlike many apparent upstart debt companies that have come into being simply to harvest the misfortune of others as result of the economic downturn of 2008, we are debt counsellors and were operating as a proactive consumer advocacy protecting consumers from systemic abuse of collection companies and helping them consolidate and restructure their obligations with educated decisions since 2006. Our clients grow a better understanding of their credit situation and options available to recover a normal state of financial responsibility.

"Instead of buying your children all the things you never had, you need to teach them all the things you were never taught!" says Gilbert Landriault.