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17 • What exactly does Credit Booster Club offer?

Credit Booster Club provides the credit education that you were never taught; the secrets and strategic keys to financial freedom, they really do not want you to know.

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Credit Booster Club education and programs offer you cost effective and valuable information on how to rebuild your credit; we provide an easy to follow step by step information package, to educate you with hands-on experience on how to use the credit system and all its rules to your advantage. This system that is set to keep your credit score low to maintain higher interest rates on you can be turned so instead you can gain the maximum amount of credit score points. Additionally, we will help you deal with accounts that are in collections, by guiding your settlement of debts at the lowest cost possible, which all translates into an increase in credit score.

Credit Booster Club associate programs are designed specifically to help you overcome all obstacles from settlement of outstanding accounts to replacing a lost vehicle or saving a home from foreclosure. Credit Boot Camp will teach you credit self-defence and how to use credit and rotation to your advantage. Your membership in Credit Booster Club will set you up for life with regards to education on how to gain and protect your credit score as well as avoid losing credit points in the future.

You get credit education and guidance with Programs to Fix Your Credit!