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The Credit System takes…
when you are Not Looking!

These few pages are loaded with secrets that the Credit System doesn't want people to know.

With all the media marketing from creditors we have been brought up believing in a credit lifestyle. It's been such a successful long term marketing campaign that most of us believe we cannot do life without credit the way our forefathers did. Marketing has sold us on believing in the need to rent money is a natural fact and the most important factor to our survival to achieve life enjoyment and success.

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As result, this is a financial industry that has literally jockeyed itself into a position of power and that power has a strangle hold on our lives. After so many years of development there is such a huge credit system backed by laws, that there is seemingly no other financial way to manage life. And generally, the average person knows little or nothing about this system or its power. The majority of us don't even know the details of how our own credit accounts work or the rules that bind us and seemingly give creditors abusive abilities if or when we get into financial struggle. Most of us have little regard for the details or interest rate, (how much rental money costs us) as long as we have that credit account handy to buy when the impulse comes.

Seriously, no one reads the fine print on the back of application forms; we could be signing away our kidneys and no one would even notice until waking up after the operation with a catheter. Let me tell you, IT IS THAT BAD. There are secrets of how the credit system controls and manipulates everyone's credit rating; these are built-in rules that are set to trip us and keep us in debt, yet, told to no one in the advertising! These hidden rules are in place to penalize your credit rating for infractions that you don't even know exist. The entire credit system is a machine specifically designed to harvest the goodness from human life, and any extra cash with interest rates all the while controlling personal freedom by keeping most people tied up in never ending payments!

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Do you know your rights under the law? If you don't know how credit system works you might well as have no rights and you are never ever going to get free enough to actually have the abundant life you deserve. Credit Booster Club knows the law and uses this knowledge to leverage our members back to financial freedom!

The following few tips from Credit Boot Camp are a sampling of the kind of knowledge that Credit Booster Club utilizes to teach you how to avoid the pitfalls and take back financial control of your life.

When you Understand Credit, You will have Great Credit!