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3 • What does the Credit Report Mean?

The Credit Report monitors how you handle obligations of your financial life, and reports the analyzed data back to lenders in a brief but standardized way.

The first designation reports the risk of your financial Habits.

R0 Too new to have a rating, Approved but not yet reported.

R1 Pays within 30 days of billing, or pays as agreed by contract

R2 Pays in over 30 days but under 60 days or 1 payment past due

R3 Pays in over 60 days but under 90 days or 2 payments past due

R4 Pays in over 90 days but under 120 days or 3+ payments past due

R5 Account is at least 120 days past due but is not yet rated R9

R6 Caution in Lending! No Rating yet exists for this person

R7 Paid through an Order, Proposal, or Debt Management program

R8 Action has had to be taken against this person! Repossession.

R9 Debt Placed for Collection, or Bad Debt, or Bankruptcy

Most People don't know the Score!

The second designation notes the outcome of all factors in the report.

credit score scale

Do You Know Your Credit Score?

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