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2 • Credit Knowledge is the
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The place to start is in understanding that mythical beast called your credit report. You need to know the difference between credit report and the credit score so you can begin to see what in your financial life really needs to change.

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The Credit Report

The credit report contains detailed information about your financial life. It indicates the status of your accounts, as it is monitoring your bill repayment history. It specifically notes your financial habits of how often you make your payments on time.

The Credit Score

The credit score is a three digit number used by lenders to determine whether or not you are "approvable" …for whatever in life you desire; a mortgage, a loan, or a credit card etc. This number is also what lenders use to determine when they can reasonably charge you the highest interest rate so this makes you fortunate with low costs or vulnerable to exorbitantly high costs of borrowing. This number often controls what you can afford and what you can't. It is sad to know that the national average credit score is actually below 700 and costing the majority of Canadians more than they know.

The Credit Report and Score combine to determine how much Life they will Let You Enjoy!

You get credit education and guidance with Programs to Fix Your Credit!