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13 • A Good Money Manager has a Plan
and Works their Plan Consistently

If your objective is to always be offered that prime rate for a loan or mortgage, then everything rides on how well you create your money management plan, and keeping it up consistently over many months to show the credit evaluating computer you are stable. Remember, just one missed payment and cost 100 points off your credit score.

Staying on Your Game

stick to your plan

Think about your biggest desireā€”a new car, a new home, a Caribbean vacation. It takes time to make such dreams happen but your path to financial freedom is going to make your dreams and more into your future reality. Now tell someone about it. Sharing your dreams with friends and family helps you achieve those dreams financially. "Just by talking to people you get and maintain your own excitement about them. When you're excited, you are motivated to stay on your game plan and you find it easier to skip out on your daily coffee run, so you can put that money towards achieving your dream. Whatever you do, keep the goal prominent in your mind and you will make yourself wealthy and financially free.

Golden Rule: Regardless of how broke you feel, Be Charitable! The act of giving to someone in need creates the sense of abundance in you and backburners fears and worries into their proper perspective. Tithing and offering a percentage of your income regardless of amount creates an endless flow motion in the energy of transaction that will attract abundance to you. Sharing your time, energy, money or talents to genuinely help others naturally increases your self-worth and the flow of your abundance while chasing money for money's sake will keep abundance out of your reach.

When you can manage your money, You will have Great Credit!