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17 • Is there an easy way to Manage My Money?

The Advantage Card is your Active Tool for Money Management

Money management card

The Advantage Card is your CASH CARD! It’s better than using cash because it is always safe from loss and there are no transaction fees. Unlike the secured credit card, there is no high interest fee so all the money you pay your card, is for you! And there is no possible way to lose credit score points. More than being the BEST DEAL the Advantage Card online account will show you a record of all your cash spending every month. It’s too easy to spend money and forget where it went. Saving and adding up monthly receipts is a pain but this card will show you your cash spending just like a credit card shows you your credit spending. This provides you a powerful tool in discovering where your money bleeds away! This is the way you can monitor your own habits and learn to gain control of your money. And coupled with our full Money Management System the Advantage Card will also automatically develop the right policies and instincts for you to later enjoy defensive handling of new credit cards once you have recovered your financial status. Learning to use the Advantage in daily life will help insure that you never fall into Debt Addiction and Financial Prison again.

When you Understand Credit, You will have Great Credit!