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7 • You must be the hunter
to find Your Wasted Money

There is so much wasted asset in everyone's life that we can be so bold as to say, "You Don't Know What You Haveā€¦ but, what is worse, you Never Know What You've Lost!" Money Management awareness will make you wealthy!

find wasted money
  • You will be shocked to find how much money slips through your fingers when you do the money awareness exercise already presented. This is a powerful awakening to how easily you burn through your money and that you have far more disposable income that you ever thought. You will find the extra money you need to make things work just by discovering how much money is spent each month on waste without a second thought. Knowing where you money goes enables you to make better more conscious spending decisions.
  • Credit Booster Club will also bring hundreds of tips to discover there is a vault full of hidden cash around your house. We are not talking about restrictions place on life, this is about working your finances smart; reducing your costs, harvesting the abundance that you already have. Again you will be shocked at how much money you can find by choosing what you really need and want, choosing where you will be able to get the best deal, and planning and implementing a spending plan that will get what you want while avoiding expensive credit costs. This money management process is mostly about Personal Knowledge that enables Managing Your Money closely now which means being able to comfortably afford everything you ever want and living with ease later.
  • You should also take personal stock of all the things you have learned or have done in the past. These are hidden assets. At the very least, you can start talking about hidden abilities among acquaintances. Find out what they are capable of and trade your skills. This can cut down the costs of things you need, buy what you want for a little of your skill time and it's like finding extra money. Likewise, if acquaintances need what you can do and have nothing to trade, offer to do the work for them at a big discount. It's a win-win scenario when they get what they need and you find the extra cash.

Golden Rule: Don't just assume that all your expenses a valid and never expect big companies or utilities to automatically give you the best going rates because they won't take money from their pocket to put into yours if you are asleep and they don't have to. Question everything once a year and be sure you are getting your best deal.

All of this found money should temporarily be put towards paying off debt. This won't take that long until all this extra found money will have broken away from paying a percentage of your income to interest, and is building a personal bank account that protects your future freedom to have everything you want with ease.

When you can manage your money, You will have Great Credit!