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13 • What if there are Mistakes
in my Credit Report?

find mistakes

Mistakes are common in the credit reporting system. Consumers are often paying premium interest and hidden penalties, for routine credit report errors.

Correcting errors is inherently lacks because this activity does not serve the lenders who pay for the service. Removing errors is simply counter to the lenders interest of charging the lightest on new loans. Why would they spend any effort to make your credit standing better? This is up to you. You should review your credit report at least twice per year to be certain all information has been reported correctly.

disputing errors

Credit Bureaus are paid by Lenders and Banks so they are not on your side. Credit Bureau indifference regarding errors often make changing or correcting information on your report extremely difficult. So there is a legal procedure that must be followed in order to gain such revisions. We help you through the process to dispute errors and we do win the revisions you need. This is an extra program added to the Credit Building Process but it does open the door to Financial Freedom!

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