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Credit Booster Club Rent-To-Own is an excellent solution for people with family expenses creating difficulty to save a full down payment. Our program is particularly beneficial to those who have a lowered credit score due to previous debts. With our program you will grow the rest of your down payment and rebuild your credit ability to the standard required to qualify for mortgage approval at a great rate, while already living in your new home.

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There are many Rent-To-Own programs offered out there, but they are not all equal; most of them have a major problem. They often say they are going to repair your credit but set you up to fail because they really do not do all that needs to be done to make certain you are enabled to be approved for an affordable mortgage when the lease term is up. They leave it up to you to figure out how to fix your credit and if you could have done it, it would already be done. At the end of term you will have invested your time, energy, and money into your home but if you still cannot get credit approval, they will not think twice about selling your home out from under you to maximize their profit!


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