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4 • Getting a Mortgage under Duress
Requires Special Considerations

If you are in debt difficulty when facing mortgage renewal, with not enough time to fix your credit before your need becomes crucial, your chances of getting approval are very slim, but not impossible!

bad credit mortgages

Mortgage applications can be simply filled out and filed but the mortgage approval process is much more complex. There are special considerations and options to be implemented to get a high risk mortgage passed. All mortgage agents are not equal. Few of the standard paper pushers have any experience in working out the details in getting a mortgage or renewal passed when there is damaged credit. Knowledge is the Power. You need your mortgage agent to be an experienced expert in getting high risk mortgages approved.

Credit Booster Club has affiliate professionals who are expert in getting mortgages approved when you are under credit duress.

When you Master Your Credit, You will get a Great Mortgage!