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Everyone wants to play less on their mortgage because this can mean thousands of dollars saved over even just one year.

your credit score affects your mortgage

You won't get the very best rate by hunting for a different lender. They all follow the same guidelines set under the going bank rate. Some may make a minor mistake or give a little leeway here or there so there mortgage offer may differ slight but not by the vast reduction you have in mind. The only way to get a miracle mortgage rate is actually in your own hands and few people realize just how powerful this is.

Lets look at a case study:

After enduring health and employment challenges Mr. and Mrs. Average struggled to keep their financial life on track as best they could. Obviously, they stumbled some, and as result their credit rating was lowered due to consistent monthly monitoring of their bill payments. The good news is they got back to work and were working hard to recover from the losses they endured. Their mortgage renewal was coming soon and they were facing a drastic change in their house costs. You see, the lowered credit rating was now going to bring in their mortgage renewal on a $300,000 mortgage in at a whopping 6.99%. This would almost double their monthly payments to $2100.00/month! This means their mortgage was going to cost $25,200.00 out of their same income each year for the next five years… that's now $126,000.00 dollars.

raising your credit lowers mortgage cost

They came to Credit Booster Club many months before this renewal was poised to ruin their life and make their home unaffordable to them. After aggressively taking all the possible programs to raise their credit rating, Credit Booster Club was able to get them this mortgage at only 3%. This actually lowered their mortgage cost to $900.00/month! So each year their mortgage cost would only be $10,800.00 out of their income or just $54,000.00 over five years. THAT'S A SAVINGS OF $72,000.00 IN FIVE YEARS!

If you really want a better mortgage rate, Fix Your Credit! Only you can change the criterion that defines the way lenders decide what they can charge you.

When you Master Your Credit, You will get a Great Mortgage!