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3 • Rent to Own provides
Future Building Benefits!

rent to buy

Unlike any other Rent to Own program the Credit Booster Club Rent to Own System can help you overcome the financial obstacles if you really want to create a solid and abundant future...

  • Are you ready to settle long term?
  • Do you have a steady income?
  • Do you pay $1400+util. monthly rent
  • Can you provide 3% down payment?
  • Does GETTING YOUR OWN HOME make you willing to do what it takes to repair your credit?

If you answer YES to the above,
then this secure Rent-to-Own home program is the ideal solution for you!

rent to own homes

Once you are registered with us, our Home.Ownership.Made.Easy. program is an easy process that build your future into stable home ownership in three years.

  • Choose which home and where you want live!
  • Make your rent payments work for your own future.
  • Build equity, and Build Your Savings.
  • Have time to repair or establish credit.
  • Feel the freedom of owning your own home.
  • There is no landlord to fight with.
  • There is no fear of moving if the landlord sells.
  • And obviously there is no rent increases to expect.
  • Get title of your dream home in your own names.

Apply today… to Make Dreams Come True!