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5 • Rent-To-Own Home Title Defender
Can save you from foreclosure!

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Credit Booster Club Rent to Own home refinancing program was created for people who currently own their homes but are having troubles renewing their current mortgage due to credit or employment issues. If you think you are at risk of loosing your home to the bank, contact us NOW we can help!


  • are behind on mortgage payments.
  • have a good income but a poor credit rating.
  • cannot afford the high mortgage renewal resulting from now poor credit.
  • cannot refinance due to self employment, divorce, identity theft, overleveraged, etc.
  • debt danger has put you in (or should be in) a consumer proposal or bankruptcy.
  • have at least 20% equity but can't access it.

No matter what your current situation, we have a program that can help!

Rent-To-Own provides you Time
and Programs to Recover Your Credit!

  • our investor will buy your home and rent it back to you until you are ready,
  • you stay in your home, while your credit rating is rebuilt,
  • you follow our plan to recover your credit,
  • then in 1 to 3 years we'll help you re-apply for a mortgage again,
  • Neighbours and Friends will never ever know.

Our non-judgmental Counselors will help you save your home Today!

When you can use the Credit Rules, You Can Save Your Home!