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10 • A Good Money Manager is
never too young for Retirement

plan to retire well

Look around to see how many older people who have worked hard all their lives are now living close to the line on very modest income. Retirement should not be limited to sitting around meager ability to try new experiences or the result of just being too old to be usefully productive. Retirement should be to enable you to leave the chains of daily employment to pursue things you have always wanted to try or do. You should be financially able to retire as early as you want, to take up an interest or project that holds your passion and enthusiasm as something you always wanted to do.

A big part of any failure or success in managing your money today is going to dictate how you live your tomorrow. Starting early to save will in effect give you a very enjoyable lifestyle in retirement. Also, starting early to save may actually enable you to retire to enjoy a life filled with your own interests many years earlier than your peers.

Only you, can foresee or plan for a future of enjoyable pursuits that provides you personal challenge and achievements in sport or other business adventure.

Golden Rule: Retirement means leaving the things you don't really want to do, to go and do the things you have always wanted. Work towards savings that will provide the money that will make future money; money that will empower you to have many future options and choices at an early age. Also, try to create passive income streams that may rival your prior employment income potential.

When you can manage your money, You will have Great Credit!