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3 • Taking Control of Your Money
is Not Complex and its Not Hard

School taught you math but it didn't teach you money management, so nobody really knows enough about managing their financial life. With so little knowledge about financial management we tend to fear and avoid the unknown.

take control of money

The first thing everyone thinks as they read this, is all the reasons why they feel so pressured and overloaded with all they have to do that this sounds like too much work, time and effort. Also, they truly think, no matter how much they make, there isn't enough money left to worry about managing it! That is so totally untrue; the least money you have, the more important it becomes to manage it well!

These first thoughts often make putting this whole managing money idea on the backburner. Notice that 57% of all families are operating without a budget! Ignoring financial things is often everyone's first and more comfortable choice in the moment. However, this choice will always become the most uncomfortable financial future. Notice again that 79% of people are in debt and 53% of people are so buried in debt that they only making minimum payments. More than half of us simply do not have a financial plan to control our money and this is allowing the digging of the hole deeper every month.

It is true that once you deal with job demands, family needs, and the personal commitments of daily life you are already exhausted so there is little left of you for taking charge of expenses, paying bills, handling credit cards, saving for things, or generally managing your financial life... so your financial life is left to… manage itself. And this is your course set towards disaster! If you are reading this you already know what disaster means to you.

Golden Rule: Everyone has an opinion and everyone absolutely loves their own opinion so much they will give the best of their advice at any moment that can seize the opportunity to puff up their feathers and feel like an expert. The problem is that most people regardless of their appearance have rarely become a proven expert. Stop taking advice from people who are getting by and seek a professional.

When you can manage your money, You will have Great Credit!