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4 • What does a DebtMasterS
Consumer Advocate do for me?

debt arbitrator

A DebtMasterS Consumer Advocate is a certified debt arbitrator and credited insolvency counselor who knows everything that is lawfully required to process your settlement or proposal or bankruptcy and will question you regarding all aspects of your financial history, scrutinizing every account and statement to get to the bottom of your disclosure to the penny. You pay the insolvency counselor to do this forensic accounting and report concisely to the trustee all that the trustee requires to process your bankruptcy to reduce the trustee's need to ask you costly questions. The Insolvency/Credit Counselor is working directly for you to use every legal opportunity in "your" best financial interests when presenting your affairs to the trustee.

When you engage DebtMasterS we do all the work to save you a life boat, then shop for the trustee that will agree to our proposal.

When you Overcome Your Debt, You can be Financially Free!