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2 • There is never enough money!

not enough money

I don't care who you are or how much you make, your problem isn't that you do not have enough money! The problem is you don't pay attention to your money or your commitments while you are out doing life. You just need to become more aware and take care of the money you've got! As example; we have a client who came to us in deep difficulty, they were $1700.00 behind in utilities alone and facing foreclosure. These people bring home $7200.00 per month and when asked, "Where does your money go?" they simply don't know! Expense awareness and money management is something that not many people have mastered. Actually over fifty percent of Canadians spend more than they make and they do it without even noticing! Most of the time, people are living a fast pace doing what they think is necessary and are living paycheck to paycheck, and it doesn't matter how big the paycheck is... it's never enough, because the money is allowed to slip through their fingers!

Golden Rule: Financial success does not rely on what you make, becoming wealthy is all about what you keep by managing your money well. Pay yourself first, and plan for savings because the nest egg you keep is the money that will make future money! This is hard to do if you allow debt to control your life.

savings from waste

We all dream of financial freedom; my father called it "being on easy street". This is when all your bills are paid without concern, you live well, and funds are available to do the things you want to do, when you want to do them. Some of us believe that this is too hard to make happen or will require a lottery windfall or extraordinary success in a business that pays you so abundantly while you sleep. However, for the majority of us, these bonuses are unlikely but being financially secure, living well and free to enjoy life, is well within the reach of everyone. We are simply seduced to spend in so many ways and without any oversight or control of money resources that we unconsciously spend more than we make.

It doesn't matter who you are or how much you make, money slips through your life because you are not really aware of your true situation and have no plan, no personal policies, and no quick reference to maintain financial balance and the status of real expenses… whenever you reach for your wallet.

When you can manage your money, You will have Great Credit!