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14 • Will Debt Recovery programs
adversely affect my credit rating?

poor credit

If you are seeking debt recovery, your credit rating is already low so there is no worse rating. In the short term your credit rating will reflect that you are not current with your accounts. Our goal is to help you solve your financial problems, to settle the debts and then recover your positive credit rating with credit building programs. It is up to the individual creditor how your account is reported to the credit bureau. However, remember that our Debt Management Programs are NOT bankruptcy. Think about your financial future. At the end of this program you will be debt free, and enabled to start a credit building program to get you a top rating and all of the money that you were paying to reduce debts can now go into the bank for your benefit. You will be enabled to provide for your family with cash and only making use of credit as a payment convenience, if you wish to.

When you Overcome Your Debt, You can be Financially Free!