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16 • Does the Advantage Card really build Credit?

Credit builder loan

Yes! It builds credit with its CBR (Credit Building Loan) Option. Loans are really set to build credit score far better than credit card transactions. When you are in credit difficulty the Advantage Card CBR Loan is the first and likely only loan you can be qualified for that will build your credit. The Advantage Card provides a secured loan that can build credit up to 600% faster than normal credit card use. The CBR Loan benefit is a $1000.00 savings loan over a three year term, so at the end you get most of the monthly loan payments back as your $1000.00 savings. It’s secured by your own money, in small advanced loan prepayment of $253.08 for each six months. These payments secure your loan and the optimum monthly repayment of the loan. The CBR Loan reports your repayment activity to the TransUnion credit bureau to build your credit. This is the most beneficial and affordable way to begin to re-establish credit and/or build a good credit score when credit is otherwise unavailable. And this program opens the doors to other Credit Booster Club Equifax/TransUnion reporting credit building loan programs.

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